I figured out how to simplify the crazy divorce process ... but it's not for everyone.

Divorce: the bridge between endings and new beginnings.

Arizona Lawyer Julie A. LaBenz

From the desk of Arizona Lawyer Julie A. LaBenz

Sedona, Arizona.

Dear Divorcing Spouse,


If you are considering getting divorced, then you MUST read this.


For many spouses, divorce is packed with non-stop drama and sleepless nights.  Living in a fog, feeling depressed, being paralyzed by fear of the unknown are all too common as divorce completely disrupts and tears down the familiar pattern of daily life ... leaving a scary void to be filled.


Being exposed on a daily basis to the ugly cycle of heartwrenching drama followed by fitful, sleepless nights takes a serious toll on the body.


Look, I'm not a doctor so I don't have any medical analysis for you, but I am a divorce lawyer that for years has held spouses' hands through the challenging divorce process and has seen the toll it takes.


The side effects of prolonged, heavy stress and fear can be real and horrific, often manifesting as sickness, with real life impacts.


So I feel compelled to ask ... How are you sleeping lately?  When was the last time you slept through the night?  Are you getting any exercise?  What does your diet look like?  What self-care activities have you incorporated into your daily routine?  If you monitor your thoughts, what are you thinking about?  What are you telling yourself?  How do your thoughts make you feel?  What are you feeling when you think these thoughts and where in your body do you feel it?


If you're not doing so well mentally and physically, then maybe it is time to change your outlook and point-of-view.

Meet Harriett.

I remember my first meeting with Harriett.  After over a decade of marriage, she realized the vow of "til death do us part" did not apply to her.  She realized she wanted more and could no longer suppress her feelings.


Her marriage had become completely unfulfilling, to the point where her and Bob did not even eat dinner together.  Each night they made their individual plates of food and then resorted to their respective areas, eating alone in front of separate TVs.  They barely talked.  They slept in separate beds.


Even though she felt completely unsupported by Bob in so many areas of her life, she still felt this strange need to not let him down, to insulate him from ever feeling uncomfortable outside his rigid routine, to solve all of his problems for him.


This put her at a crossroads -- either indefinitely sacrifice her life and herself for Bob's alleged benefit, or, put herself and her heart first and detach from Bob.


She'd been wrestling with these thoughts and feelings for months and recently decided she couldn't continue on like this, that she wanted a divorce.


When we met, she had not yet broken the news to Bob.  She had a lot of questions.  She did not know what to expect or have any idea of how to strategically navigate the rough waters ahead.

Coming Out of the Fog.  Moving Forward.

Once Harriett made the decision to get divorced and got clear about her decision, it was amazing how quickly things started to fall into place for her.


Just about 3-4 months after our first meeting, Harriett was divorced.  The house she shared with Bob was sold and with the sale they divided everything in the house.  They even held a yard sale together to get rid of all of the stuff neither one wanted.


They each made compromises along the way.  They treated each other with respect.  They faced difficult emotions.  They each put all of their cards on the table.


The process was by no means "perfect."  There were many awkward, unhappy and very uncomfortable moments.  Yet, they didn't hate each other and neither had any desire to "get even" or inflict any more emotional damage than was already being done.  They were both free falling into new, separate foundations with each passing day.


Harriett got divorced in about 3-4 months without stepping foot in a courtroom; without ever seeing a judge.


If you were to ask Harriett, I don't think she'd say it was easy.  But I imagine she would say she was thankful to find a path to a holistic new beginning that didn't leave her stuck in a challenging court battle, completely drain her pocketbook or leave her paralyzed with feelings of stress and anxiety.

Is this Possible for You?

There are many benefits to resolving your divorce through an agreement.  Yet, not all couples are a good fit for an uncontested divorce. Click Here to take the free quiz to see if you may be a good fit.


Not only does it take 2 to get married ... it also takes 2 people dedicated to working things out to achieve an uncontested divorce where you don't step foot in a courtroom.

  • Are you and your spouse able to effectively communicate about the issues on the table?  Or ... are you experiencing a complete communication breakdown?

  • Do you and your spouse have equal knowledge and access to the marital assets and debts?

  • If you have kids, are you able to put what is best for your kids first?

  • Do you and your spouse want to avoid a costly, drawn-out contested divorce?

There are many factors that determine whether spouses can achieve an uncontested divorce without stepping foot in a courtroom.


Is this route available to you?


To help answer this question, I've created a brief, easy quiz (Click Here to take the free quiz) in which your answers will illuminate if the path to an uncontested divorce is for you.


To take the free quiz, just Click Here or click the gold button below.


Sincerely, Arizona Lawyer Julie A. LaBenz

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