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How to Get Divorced in Arizona Without Hiring a Lawyer

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Julie A. LaBenz

From the desk of Arizona Lawyer Julie A. LaBenz

Sedona, Arizona

Dear Divorcing Spouse,


If you're uncertain whether you can afford to hire a divorce lawyer and are considering representing yourself in your divorce then this is the most important letter you will read today.  I'll show you why in a minute.

But first ... A Disclaimer:

Divorce is really, really difficult -- emotionally, financially, legally.


It's difficult with a lawyer.  It's even more difficult without a lawyer.  


To have success representing yourself requires educating yourself about WHAT is a reasonable outcome in your case and HOW to achieve your desired, reasonable outcome.  


This means you need to figure out 1) WHAT your desired outcome is, 2) if your desired outcome is realistic and reasonable, and 3) HOW to achieve your realistic and reasonable desired outcome.  


I'd like to teach you ways to create and achieve a fair and efficient divorce experience, however, you must understand that because you are representing yourself, you are 100% responsible for all aspects of your case.


Self representation requires hard work, dedication and the ability to put reason ahead of emotion.


I want to help those of you who are up to the challenge -- those spouses who can't afford to hire a lawyer yet don't want to face the divorce process completely alone.


Your results will vary and depend on many factors ... including but not limited to the time and effort you dedicate to the process, your ability to be reasonable in the face of highly charged emotions and how difficult/easy your personal situation is. 


If you are not willing to accept these realities, then please DO NOT JOIN our membership program.

With that said, let me share more information with you . . .

What Options Do Self-Representing Spouses Have To Get Help With Their Divorce?

Today, self-representing spouses have more options than ever to get help with their divorce.


Many counties such as Maricopa, Pima, Yavapai, Coconino and Mohave have sections on their websites with fill-in-the-blank divorce court forms available for free.


There's also a plethora of online divorce services that provide the customer with completed divorce court forms and instructions on how to file the forms with the court.  


Although more and more spouses are representing themselves in courts throughout Arizona and although there are more and more online options to get help with the divorce process, many still struggle with the complicated divorce process, feeling completely unsupported and utterly lost.


One problem many spouses encounter with online options is that the service only consists of generating the forms to file for divorce -- in other words, the customer does not get all the court forms needed to complete their divorce, but instead, only gets the forms needed to begin the divorce process.


This means that after the spouse makes the first court filing, they are on their own to figure out what to do from there.


Not only that, but with most other on-line divorce services all the customer gets is completed court forms and written instructions about what to do with the forms.  


There's no additional education or support, in particular about what the court requires spouses to do after their initial filing or how to engage in negotiations to try to reach a complete and fair resolution to bring their divorce to an end.


For someone overwhelmed by the emotions and challenges of the divorce process, a stack of forms with written instructions can be daunting and result in delays if the spouse does nothing because they don't understand what to do with the forms.  


Plus, with most online divorce services there's little to zero effort put into creating a comprehensive case strategy for the customer's individual case.  


And that's critical because resolving a divorce case is difficult, but resolving a divorce case without a case strategy is extremely difficult.

How the

Help With Divorce Papers & 90 Day Divorce Members' Area Is Dramatically Different

After years of observing unrepresented spouses needlessly struggle in court and after speaking with many spouses that wanted to hire her but could not afford her fees, Arizona Divorce Lawyer Julie LaBenz set out to create an on-line divorce program that truly serves the needs of self-representing spouses and that is dramatically different from all other on-line divorce services currently available.  


To create a dramatically different on-line divorce option, Julie first sought to address the short-comings of the divorce services currently on the market.


Julie, therefore, created an on-line members' area that (1) includes ALL of the forms divorcing spouses need to take their divorce from start to finish in an easy-to-use fill-in-the-blank format, (2) video instruction from Julie about how and when to use each form plus so much MORE!

Here's a peek inside what's included in the Help With Divorce Papers & 90 Day Divorce Members' Area.  What would this type of support mean for your divorce case?

  • Complete video instruction on Julie's signature 6 Step Divorce Process.  


    Get all of the forms needed to resolve a divorce with or without children through an agreement or via trial along with video and written instructions about how to complete the form, when to complete it, how to file it with the court and how to serve it upon your spouse.

  • BONUS:  Complete video instruction on Julie's signature 90 Day Divorce Program.  


    Julie teaches her students how to effectively engage in settlement negotiations while also complying with the court's trial procedures -- this way spouses can engage in settlement negotiations while still preparing their case for trial in the event a settlement is not reached.


    With Julie's instruction, discover ways to effectively communicate with your spouse to negotiate a fair divorce resolution plus get all of the court forms you need in the event you are able to reach an agreement with your spouse and complete your divorce in around 90 days.

  • Instruction on how to create a reasonable and realistic case strategy.


    Instruction on how to prepare for and conduct a trial.


    Instruction on how to engage in effective settlement negotiations

We'd like to help you with your divorce.

$100 Monthly Membership Fee

(Normally $149/mo.)


Includes monthly access to the Help With Divorce Papers 6 Step Divorce System & 90 Day Divorce Members' Area.  


Upon signing up and until the end of the month that the membership is cancelled, the credit card provided will be charged $100.00 per month in exchange for full access to the Help With Divorce Papers & 90 Day Divorce private on-line Members' Area.


By becoming a Member, you agree to the terms of the Members' Area Access Agreement. (click below on the right hand side of this page to access a copy of the Agreement).

Remember that we offer a full 7-day refund guarantee, so it’s a risk-free purchase!

Immediately upon ordering you will receive an email with your username & password plus the access link to the Members' Area.

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