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How to Talk To Your Spouse To Resolve Your Divorce Despite a Complete Communication Breakdown

Sept. 2021 / by Arizona Lawyer Julie A. LaBenz / Settlement

If you're facing a divorce then communicating with your spouse is likely strained, uncomfortable, and involves raised voices.


Maybe you've tried to talk with your spouse about resolving your divorce but made little if any progress and think that just letting the judge decide could be your best (or only) option.


I have three little words for you that can make a big difference: Don't Give Up!


So how do you effectively communicate and reach an agreement about how to resolve your divorce when you can barely talk to each other?


First, realize that even in an amicable divorce the spouses don't initially agree to everything, but through negotiations and compromise many spouses are able to reach agreements and find a way to resolve their case without going to trial.

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September 2021 / by Arizona Lawyer Julie A. LaBenz / Free Informational Videos

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Settlement hit a dead end?  Then it's time to prepare for trial.

September 2021 / by Arizona Lawyer Julie A. LaBenz / Trial

Watch this video to learn Julie's insider tips on how to prepare for a divorce trial in an Arizona Superior Court.



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