Your Path to a Holistic New Beginning

Open an effective dialogue.

Reach a full and fair agreement.

Get divorced without stepping foot in a courtroom.

“My marriage is over.  There, I’ve admitted it.”

It’s like that, right?  One day you wake up and realize, you’re no longer on the fence.  You tried to save your marriage.  You tried to keep things together and imagined things improving … but it’s become clear  ... you want more.


Of course, you remember the good times, when your connection was rock solid.  Together you formed a family and that bond was the most important.


You long to get back to what you had when you first met.  That tingling sensation when you looked into each other’s eyes and the absolute need and desire to be affectionate with each other.  Happily ever after seemed real and attainable.


Yet now, can you remember the last time you felt that way?  You tried nearly everything to jumpstart what you thought was just a weak battery, but found the battery is dead, and no amount of juice is going to bring it back to life.


There’s no more sweet exchanges.  Our eyes no longer meet from across the room with a palpable surge of energy between us.


But, change is hard, so you tried the “let’s act like nothing’s wrong and just co-exist” approach, but found it left you feeling totally empty and lonely.  You know you can’t live that way forever and that you deserve much more.  You want to be loved, adored, appreciated. 


Things really started to go downhill when you began playing the blame game, which brought transitory moments of elation when you said those things you’ve been dying to say for years, but ultimately left you unfulfilled because saying those things just further drove the two of you apart. 


You’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster and you’re ready to get off … get divorced.


Sadly, your marriage has become empty, void.  Certainly, you could continue on like this, but you don’t want to.  You want more.

Now What?

In the age of Covid-19 we are all being forced to do nearly everything differently. 


The confusion and uncertainty are absolutely overwhelming.  Your work and home life have drastically changed.  Your future feels less and less certain.


You don't want a long court battle; in fact, you don't even want to go to court at all.

Here to Help

Hi, I’m Arizona Lawyer Julie A. LaBenz. 


I’m sorry you’re facing the end of your marriage.  Endings are sad and difficult.  Please, be gentle with yourself during this challenging time.


You've got a lot on your plate.


Figuring out the details of how to achieve a fair outcome is just one aspect of getting divorced.  


Creating a new vision for your life post-divorce while finding positive ways to heal during the divorce process is the BIG, important piece that often, little to no time is even spent on.


How do you forgive?  How do you give gratitude?  How do you release and open space for new people and experiences?  How do you accept that you created the situation you are currently dealing with?  Will you go on to create it again?  Or, will you learn from this experience, grow and create your dream life?


Are you ready to get divorced differently?

It starts with you, regardless of your situation.  To achieve a divorce in which you stay out of the courtroom, you need a vision and a plan.


For example, if you have children together, what type of co-parenting relationship do you want to create?  If you own a house together, what is the fair resolution of your mutual interests?


Your lives are intertwined and all of those ties need to be severed or reworked into a new configuration.  Will the two of you figure all of this out OR have a judge figure it out for you???


But, let’s get real … you aren’t interested in a messy divorce.


You’d like to get divorced without stepping foot in a courtroom. 

Not only would you like to avoid seeing your spouse at the opposite table from you as you both sit before the judge, but you'd also like to avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars just to get divorced.

  • But, I'm not speaking with my spouse right now.


  • But, if I file for divorce, don't I have to go to court?


  • But, how much paperwork is involved?



Go from not speaking to resolving your case through an agreement, but how???

  • Create a case strategy: determine what is at issue in your case and your requested outcome on each issue.

  • Gather all of the information you need to put yourself in a position to create a settlement offer.

  • Make a settlement offer & engage in negotiations: move your case closer to a resolution by learning how to create and extend a settlement offer.



Draft the court papers, file them with the court and serve the papers on your spouse.

  • Easy-to-use fill-in-the-blank court forms: all the forms you need to get your case initiated in any Arizona Superior Court.

  • Instructions on how to file your case with the court & serve the court papers on your spouse with a focus on those valid service options that are no cost or low cost. 

  • Instructions on how to subpoena records in the event you need additional information in order to fully resolve your case.



Put the terms of your agreement into the "Consent Decree" and file it with the court.  Once the judge signs and files the Consent Decree ... you're divorced.

  • Easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blank Consent Decree form.

  • Step-by-step instruction on how to complete the Consent Decree.

  • Instructions on how to file the Consent Decree with the Court.







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