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"How to Use the 6 Step Divorce System to More Effectively Represent Yourself in an Arizona Divorce"

Divorce lawyers are expensive.  I get it if you can't afford a lawyer, but you must understand that the court will expect you to know the laws and the rules and to be prepared. 


I'd like to teach you about the Arizona divorce process and Arizona divorce laws to help you more effectively represent yourself in court.


In an effort to simplify a complicated process, I created the 6 Step Divorce System.  If you are currently representing yourself in your divorce or considering self-representation, then sign up below to get instant access to an informational video I've created that explains each step of the 6 step system and how you can use the 6 step system to more effectively represent yourself in your divorce.

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Hi, I'm Arizona Lawyer Julie A. LaBenz. 

I want to help you more effectively represent yourself in your divorce case.

I'd like to share my 6 step divorce system with you.

6 Step Divorce System

  • 1.  Case Strategy Creation

    Create a case strategy to determine what your requested outcome for each disputed issue in your divorce.

  • 2.  Case Initiation

    Filing for divorce can be a bit confusing because of all the paperwork involved and all of the steps to follow.

  • 3.  Temporary Orders

    If there are issues that need immediate resolution, then either party can request the court issue a temporary order.

  • 4.  Disclosure & Discovery

    The rules require spouses to exchange a large amount of information and documents.  The rules also enable spouses to demand their spouse produce certain documents or answer specific questions.

  • 5.  Settlement

    Settlement is a critical part of every divorce case.  Although it is step 5 in the 6 step system, settlement negotiations can be initiated at any time during the case so long as both sides have sufficient information to effectively engage in settlement.

  • 6.  Trial

    If the spouses are not able to resolve all disputed issues through an agreement, then the case proceeds to a contested trial where a judge hears all of the evidence and renders a final order that both parties are required to follow.

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